Modular Design
Modular Design

Teletext system modules can be run on the same computer or on different computers. This makes possible to build a centralized system at the minimum costs or build a distributed system with several editorials and on-site encoders.

The teletext system has the following modules: Database Server, Distribution Server, Encoder gateway, Encoder (optional), Teletext Editor (online and offline), interactivity modules (chat, dating, etc.), automatic update services (from web, databases, schedulers, etc.)

Supported Encoders

interacTV Teletext supports TtxMagazine, VG and FAB encoders via serial or network connections. The modular design makes possible to support any other encoder that has a protocol specification.

Editor Highlights

Spell checking and hyphenation in the editor
One key text import into multiple pages using a template
One key graphics import
Structure or page based views
Archiving and search in archives
Location of editorial can be hundred miles away from encoders and servers