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Jackpot Games
Jackpot GamesJackpot is the final stage in calltv television quiz shows. Viewer should find some jokers among the hidden cards.
Polygon Puzzles
Polygon Puzzles

interacTV CallTV supports editing and displaying polygon games. You just draw the polygon in the editor and interacTV calculates the number of polygons or routes. You may configure the on-air appereance in the profile and when the puzzle is solved interacTV animates the solution.

Letter Games
Letter GamesVarious letter puzzles were added to interacTV Game Framework. Just type the word and use one of the templates to make it a circle, star, snake or pyramid. When on-air you can flash and rotate it to increase attention and show help when needed. Of course, special cases of different languages are supported.
Anagram Games
Anagram GamesRules of anagram games are well-known. You may imagine any design for the appereance using our "universal-letters" module.
Picture Difference
Picture DifferencePicture difference puzzles are easy to create and broadcast with interacTV Call-TV.
Crossword Puzzle
Crossword PuzzleEnigma is to solve the crossword puzzle. Different rules like find one word, whole words or the solution wordscan be set up. Our implementation makes possible to customize the design of the game, edit the puzzles and control your game. All is done by automatic animation and sound effects.