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Large selection of formats available. These are including difference games, animations, pictures, video riddles, crosswords, letter games, anagrams and, of course, jackpots. In addition a wide set of call-tv optimized objects are available. You may use any number of clocks, prizes, text-fields on-screen.

Letter Games
Various letter puzzles were added to interacTV Game Framework. Just type the word and use one of the templates to make it a circle, star, snake or pyramid. When on-air you can flash and rotate it to increase attention and show help when needed. Of course, special cases of different languages are supported. Letter Games
Jackpot Games
Jackpot is the final stage in calltv television quiz shows. Viewer should find some jokers among the hidden cards. Jackpot Games

Our platform supports all languages. We mean all languages. Full unicode compatibility, left to right, right to left, character changes depending on the context. For interacTV Hungarian or Chinese, Cyrillic or Farsi, Hebrew or Hindi does not matter. interacTV proved it in Europe, in Latin America, in Russia, in China, in Arabic countries with over 25 "exotic" character sets.

Independent Content and View
Content is independent from view. You may specify any number of views for the same content. This feature also makes possible to re-use your existing puzzles on other channels. Independent Content and View
Picture Difference
Picture difference puzzles are easy to create and broadcast with interacTV Call-TV. Picture Difference