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Telemedia-interacTV is our stategic partner since 2003. The market leader in the call-tv business, Telemedia-interacTV, is using our interacTV platform to broadcast their programmes. This time we deliver 140+ hours of call-TV programmes to 70+ TV channels worldwide. Our company is providing the technical background for the success story: developing the platform continuously, provides product support; designs and installs local studios.

In our co-operation:

  • Take the Money and Run on Hungarian Television
  • Call TV in Europe, Latin America, Asia
  • Twenty-two call TV studios in Budapest
  • Four local studios in Buenos Aires
  • Local studios in Beijing and Shanghai
  • Teletext on Viasat-3 Hungary
  • Big Brother show in Romania

Telemedia-interacTV is the worldwide distributor of interacTV Games platform.