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InteracTV Games Started

A new area of interactivity was included in our product line. On-line television game series, based on the new interacTV 2003 technology has started broadcasting in Hungarian Television and will be started on ViaSat-3 soon. 

At first the "TeleWinner" programme, broadcasted three times a day started on Hungarian Television.

On 17th April "Winning Minutes" and "Kéjfél" (can be translated as "Midnight Erotic Winner") will start on ViaSat3, based on the same technology. These programmes will be broadcasted two hours daily.

Beep Telecommunications and Computing has long term experiences in computer and television games. In the past, we were developing computer games for Commodore, Atari, Enterprise and other types of home computers (please note, that older generations of computers had PAL or NTSC composite output). The first broadcast television game (with broadcast hardware) was developed in 1990 and was called "Speed". Three television games were developed for the New Year night of 1991.

Television games are real-time applications with  very-difficult-to handle control situations, DVE effects, video playback and graphics frame buffer operations.

After the successful return to the television game area, the interacTV team plans  to release a television game developer framework for other programmers.

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InteracTV Games Started