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Beep Company History and Goals

Personalized Service, Innovative Technology Since 1993


At Beep Telecommunications and Computing, our mission is to provide our customers with personalized service, to manufacture innovative and quality products, and to continually build a strong team consisting of our customers, employees, and suppliers. We see this team as one unit committed to move forward together, with one unique and common goal.

Beep Ltd. was incorporated in 1993. The main profile of the company was to develop custom software solutions and prototypes for the paging and broadcast industry. Beep has never targeted to launch high-volume commercial products.

As a private company, we are not driven by short-term profit or concerned with stock pricing. We are proud to operate in a more traditional manner; our fuel is our passion towards developing innovative products, all the while fulfilling our customer’s wishes and listening to their feedback.

Our products are sold over 100 countries. Our Support Team supports each individual system giving them our undivided attention. We are not driven by sales, but by supporting customers and re-sellers with the best service and products. We are proud to be able to say that 95% of customers and re-sellers and most of our suppliers that started with us in the early 1990’s are still our loyal customers today.

Every year, we invest heavily into our research and development department. We are always focused on the future. Our goal is to constantly refine our products and adapt to changing technologies and new standards of living. The steadily growing R&D team at Beep is continually challenged to create products that are innovative, easy to use, need minimal human labour and stand out - both technologically and aesthetically.

Since 1993, these goals have driven the development of revolutionary products. In the 90's we covered four countries with our paging system. Since 1997 we deliver the results to the television viewers from all Hungarian elections and referendums. In 1999 we started with an impressive line of interactive television broadcast products. During the past 10 years our products appearing on the screens in 4 continents, over 100 counties. Twenty-four hour channels, call-tv broadcasts, television quiz shows.

Looking forward, Beep will venture into new and exciting areas, such as IP and DVB based television.

With personalized service and innovative technology since 1993, the Beep team works together with our customers and suppliers to reach our goals!